UAB Network Usage Guidelines


NOTE!!!! This document is now deprecated, with the publication of UAB's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for computer and network resources. Any questions or determinations about appropriate use should hereafter be addressed from the AUP. This document shall remain for historical purposes only, and in order to assure a smooth transition of hyperlinks in pages which currently reference the Guidelines.


The UAB Data Post Office (DPO) is responsible for securing its computers, systems and the campus network to a reasonable and economically feasible degree against unauthorized access and/or abuse, while making them accessible for authorized and legitimate users. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct and the punitive measures for not adhering to them. Any attempt to violate the provisions of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action in the form of temporary revocation of user accounts, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt. Severe or continued violations will be reported to University authorities. Permanent revocation can result from disciplinary actions taken by the appropriate University authorities. UAB takes its responsibilities as a worldwide network citizen very seriously.

The following guidelines (adapted from those published by Florida International and Florida Atlantic Universities) have been created to define what is considered to be responsible and ethical behavior. These guidelines apply to all UAB student, faculty, staff, and other authorized users of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Data Post Office facilities, the UAB campus network, and the Internet.

The right to use UAB computing and network resources can be revoked if misused or abused, even if unintentionally.

Activities and products must be consistent with the University's policies for behavior and ethics including its, "Data Processing Security Policy" and other policies in its "You and UAB Handbook," as well as student and faculty handbooks and federal/state computer crimes statutes. Since it is impossible to anticipate every possible violation, it is incumbent upon the user to weigh his/her actions against the purpose and examples provided in this guideline statement. Guidelines apply to all system and network use including, but not limited to: Electronic mail, USENET News, Gopher and World Wide Web clients and servers.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail message to


Computer and network resources are allocated only for activities that support research, education, administrative processes, UAB sponsored community service and other legitimate pursuits. All Data Post Office, UAB campus network, and Internet activities must be consistent with this purpose.


(include but are not limited to)

Examples of such violations:

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